3 clever ideas to create a photo gallery at home

Should we order prints? And if so, what should we do with them? Put them away in a box? Or stick them into an album? Sure you can! But you can also create your home photo gallery.

You certainly shouldn’t just keep photos on the computer. Because nobody looks at them there. It’s like taking photos on the negative and never developing them. Photos stay alive if they are displayed. If we come into contact with them every day. We have tested many ways of displaying prints on the wall and would like to share three of them which we believe are the most attractive. The cost does not exceed PLN 20.


Metal paper clips make the perfect photo holders. Especially stunning effects can be created with ornamental or colour clips. It is the best way to display square photos with a frame to avoid a multitude of vertical and horizontal images, so the arrangement is more consistent and clear. This gallery can be arranged in a straight line or we can distance certain components.


Take your wall decorations to the next level with a collage of various photos. This ornamental feature will certainly not go unnoticed. We used some rope, office clips and our favourite Washi tape, which is an ornamental paper tape, to create an artistic pendant.


domowa galeria zdjec

Say goodbye to empty walls. Stick 10×10 cm prints on, just make sure they are square, and display your favourite stories. The minimum amount of photos needed to make this gallery is 9, while there is virtually no maximum limit. Just imagine the whole wall in the living room covered with images displaying the family’s history, added on a regular basis. Incredible! To stick the images on the wall, we used reusable adhesive putty.

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