Pink magic

It’s finally time to update the blog. Let’s start with a summer session at one of my favourite places in Warsaw – Plac Grzybowski.

This intimate location, with beautiful greenery, has also attracted some interest from film producers. With Lila – the star of the shoot – we found ourselves at a TV series production site. The footage was being recorded inside a nearby building, and the setting on Plac Grzybowski was only the view from the window, which meant I could use it in my photos. Surprisingly, urban scenery goes well with wreaths. The only condition is to choose the flowers well. In this situation, more sophisticated flowers did very well, as opposed to wild flowers, which look better on a meadow or in the forest. We chose eustoma in various shades of pink. Then we completed the look with natural-looking make-up with pink highlights on the eyes and lips. We created pink magic.
Stylist & make up: Kamila Bukowska

Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_06_l


Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_03_l


Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_04_l


Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_01_l


Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_02_l


Pelna Para Studio_portret_01_05_l


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