Trust make-up and styling experts

At Pełną Parą Studio we also do shoots not related to weddings.

But they certainly have a lot to do with lifestyle photography and the best fashion magazines.

Such photo shoots are a great gift idea for a loved one, or even better – a treat for yourself.


Every woman should let a whole team of people take care of her at least once in her life. The results are better than a trip to SPA.


Later you can hang the finished framed photos in the living room or give them to a loved one. Another good idea is to have the photos printed out as postcards and send hand-written, personal greetings to your friends.


To ensure stunning effects, a team of specialists must work together.


Sometimes the make-up artist also does the hair, but a hair stylist is sometimes needed at a shoot. Make-up is applied not only on the face, but also often on the hands or legs to make them look perfectly smooth.


An integral part of a photoshoot is the styling session, which reflects the idea for the session; a good stylist is able a necessity, able to choose the right clothing for every silhouette, not just for the model.

The photographer always has an assistant, as setting the light is often a long process.


We ensure some good music at the studio to put us and the model in a good mood. After the shoot, selected photos are sent to a retouch specialist, who takes care of the last finishing touches.


Indeed, photos are a result of work of a larger number of people, not just the photographer and the model. We work with the best professionals in the sector.

make up, hair – Kamila Bukowska

stylist – Marta Danelska

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Pelna Para Studio_portret03


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