Birthday photo shoot

Three framed photos for Anna

The birthday shoot, commissioned by the oldest granddaughter to celebrate Anna’s 97th birthday, took place in Anna’s garden. There was professional make-up from Kabuko maluje, a crimson red dress, wine, garden surroundings and sunshine. Is it enough to feel happy?

Sometimes it is and we should try to keep such amazing moments for ever.

I am glad that among the photos chosen by the family was my favourite one, with the toast.

Three similar, but not identical photos, will be kept at three different households. Two of them will be kept by the granddaughters, while the third will hang in Anna’s son’s house. Anna lives at one of those homes, so she will be able to look at herself every day. I wonder which one she will choose?

A well-chosen frame should bring out the photo and highlight its character. A poorly-chosen frame can dominate the photo. We send our works to Sławomir’s studio, who frames photos and graphics for Warsaw galleries.
Prints 30×45 cm.
The golden frame highlights the green of the trees and brings out the crimson red of the dress. Gold is a royal colour. The frame is aged to complement the wooden texture of the chair. The frame is simple and flat, which gives the whole piece a modern touch.


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