Anna Trojanowska

“While taking photos, I express emotions, stop the moment, bring out the beauty”

Creator of Pełną Parą Studio, photography graduate at Poznań Academy of Fine Arts, Marian Schmidt Photography School in Warsaw and the Wedding School in New York run by a famous wedding photographer, Susan Stripling.

For over a decade, she has been working with women’s fashion magazines (you can see the advertising portfolio here). TV producer working with celebrities and politicians. Exceptionally well-organised, dynamic, decisive. Specialises in wedding and portrait photography. Her guru is the American photographer Susan Stripling. She was her inspiration for establishing “Pełną Parą Studio”.

In the art of photography, she values female sensitivity, prefers impressionistic work to action, values aesthetics. Her photographs have been featured in fashion magazines. The ones she’ll take at your wedding would be suitable for publication as well. Her extensive professional experience in fashion and advertising has resulted in well-established relations with experts in lighting, make-up, styling, graphic design and photo retouch. This enables her to meet even the highest expectations.

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Our Teamwe are young, smart and beautiful

Dominika Dzikowska

Dominika Dzikowskasecond shooter

Kamila Bukowska

Kamila BukowskaMake up artist

Agnieszka Borzym

Agnieszka Borzymcolorist

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fotografia ślubna

Lifestyle wedding photography

We take unique photos based on lifestyle photography, i.e. atmospheric, natural, free and full of joy. And most of all – beautiful. It is a very popular style in America used to shoot all kinds of important events, as well as special everyday moments.

We take photos with telephoto lenses, from afar, discretely, so that newlyweds can remain the centre of attention. Our portraits are polished, perfectly composed, harmonious. We pay attention to the finest details, but we can also highlight the most dynamic moments of every wedding reception.

What makes us stand us is our creative approach to composition, documentary-style photography and full professionalism at every photo session.

fotografia slubna detale


Table decorations, flowers, an elegant cake – these are the details that create the style and add taste to important events in our lives. Jewellery, lace details and colour pallet selection complete the portrait perfectly. Without all these unique touches, the wedding day would not be the same. Our photos of those often pricey details will not let them go unnoticed. Our shots will bring out their extraordinary beauty. The right arrangement of wedding rings, the engagement ring, dress, invitations or dishes on the tables will not let you forget about those little works of art made by a baker or florist.

album ślubny

Designer details

A wedding photo album, presented as an elegant book, is an extremely important part of our service. Photos should have their place not only in the digital reality, but also in the real space of our home. So our graphic designer creates a new, original, special piece of art for every customer. The colour of the cover and flyleaf refer to the colour scheme of the wedding and complement each other. We also create a unique graphic design to finish the whole piece.

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No, we are not a beauty clinic, but we can achieve beauty through our photos

We are from Warsaw

But we trained in wedding photography in the US

Give yourself a touch of luxury

Make a gift to yourself in the form of a photoshoot. It is just as pleasurable as a SPA day

We’ll travel to your wedding

We are very happy to travel and discover new, beautiful locations

Invite your friends

There is strength in numbers! A photoshoot may be a great idea to start your hen do

Just have fun

We’ll take care of everything else and guarantee that the final result will be stunning