Family photoshoot before Christmas

The last few days before Christmas are very busy. You need a lot of resourcefulness to find some time for photos inbetween looking for presents, decorating the tree and preparing traditional dishes.

Especially if you have a young child and need to respect their routine.

But despite the odds, Monika and Paweł found the time and energy to get some keepsakes for themselves and their young son to remember their first Christmas together. The twinkling lights and the smell of the tree create one-of-a-kind magic. That time of year, the light is also different, dimmed. I think that little Franio will look at these photos in the future with a tear in his eye. And his grandparents found a hand-made box with their grandson’s photos under their tree.

Pelna Para Studio rodzina_13

Pelna Para Studio rodzina_08


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_12


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_07


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_01


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_11


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_10


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_06


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_05


Pelna Para Studio rodzina_03

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