Country-style portrait

A stable is the perfect place to take country-style photos. Most elements of the scenery help us create a rural atmosphere.

A saddle, riding hat and a horsewhip are necessary components of photoshoots held in a stable. We should also think about choosing a decorative bridle for the horse in advance. Country-style portraits should have minimal make-up, limited to brightening the skin and giving it a glow, while the hair looks great when its loose and moves with the wind, with some braids.

A denim jacket matches horse-riding in stylistic terms, as it was popular with American cowboys. We were able to find a more feminine design, which matched the dress. As it turned out, horses aren’t always interested in following our ideas, but Hania did very well.

The session took place at the Farid stable

make up i włosy: Kamila Bukowska


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_02


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_04


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_06
Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_15


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_08


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_09


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_10


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_11


Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_12

Pelna Para Studio_portret_02_13

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