Hen do – photos to remember your crazy night

Hen do is a must before every wedding.

How can you make sure that it stays classy, has a party atmosphere, and at the same time brings out the crazy spirit of female fun among your friends?

A perfect introduction to a good party is to choose a theme for the event.

The girls have chosen the Pin up party theme.

Pin up girls bring to mind sensuality and femininity, but also a sense of freedom. An integral part of the style is a nice strong line on the eye, red lips, Polka Dot patterns and a characteristic hairdo with a headscarf. A trusted accessory that completes the look are also sunglasses. Choose large, distinct lenses like a film star. You can also go for more feminine heart-shaped glasses.

Before starting the party, the girls came to the studio for a crazy photoshoot to remember. It turns out you don’t need unusual costumes or fanciful ideas to create a spirit of spontaneous fun among a group of friends. All poses were created by the girls, my role was limited to ensuring the right lighting. After the session, feeling fabulous, the girls set out on the rest of their hen do.



Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 02


Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 03


Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 04


Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 05


Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 06


Pelna Para Studio bridal shower 07

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