Your own greeting card

When was the last time you received a hand-written letter delivered by post? When did you last send one? Hand-written letters are becoming a thing of the past, and e-mails don’t replace them at all.

But if someone sends us hand-written greetings, they are very individual and special. Hand-written letters say a lot about the sender. We can try to establish our opinion on the author based on their letters. That is why we should make an effort and ensure that the letter we write shows us in a good light. Today most knowledge we have about people from past centuries comes from correspondence which has survived until out time.

Back to the past

We encourage everyone to go back to sending each other cards with greetings, best wishes and thoughts. All it takes is one photo from the shoot and we can prepare an individual card for you. Sending your own greeting card to your family, friends or even other acquaintances is a good way to try hand-written correspondence, which we don’t get many opportunities to do.

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