A rustic wedding: Ania and Radek

Ania and Radek combined their wedding with their daughter’s Christening. They chose a rustic-style wedding, which took place at Osada Młyńska and began with a performance by Borynioki.

The rustic style is reflected in the bride’s outfit. The main colours were white and green: a white and green bouquet mostly composed of small baby’s-breath flowers, wooden jewellery with white and green beads, and mostly the bottom half of the wedding gown with a green  print resembling small twigs. An important element of the wedding reception setting was the use of typical raw or bleached wood motifs, wicker, stone, glass, lace, copper accessories, everyday objects, hand-made ornaments and omnipresent flowers. The folk band performance suited the theme perfectly. And their daughter also wore an outfit with folk details at the wedding.

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