A glamour-style wedding

A glamour-style wedding, with a beautiful bride and an interesting colour scheme. White is the dominant colour,

supplemented by black, which always looks elegant, as well as fresh green and silver. The graphic designs on the invitations and the stunning ostrich feathers in the flower decorations indicate a style inspired by the Great Gatsby. This sophisticated and classy style is also evident in the newlyweds’ outfits, the car, wedding location and the abovementioned ornamental features. The beautiful bride, wearing a dress by

Maciej Zień, shoes by Jimmy Choo, holding a beautiful, cascading, small bouquet, looks simply stunning! The polished accessories – large ear rings, bracelet and a veil complete this fantastic look. Mateusz looked just as stylish and elegant. The beautiful couple said YES at a cathedral in Radom, while the wedding reception took place at Domaniowski Palace situated in amazing surroundings. The majestic interiors were decorated according to the theme of the event– with beautiful candelabra, serviettes tied with green and black ribbons and elegant, sophisticated, tall flower arrangements. It is worth noticing the decorations at the newlyweds’ table, which stood out thanks to ostrich feathers and beautiful black glasses. The climax of this beautiful wedding was a traditional cake decorated with bunches of green hortensias.

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