Engagement photoshoot: a date in the city

An engagement shoot may take many forms. We can go on a trip together away from the city, in the mountains, by the river, or run around in a rye field. This time, we chose a date in the city.

The setting was the favourite pub, a quiet alley and a newly renovated park. I met with Iwona and Andrzej on the photoshoot day. It was a lovely June afternoon. Corpus Christi day. No one in the streets, which made creating an intimate atmosphere for the shoot much easier. The stars of the shoot were able to feel the romantic mood straight and looked incredible, like film stars. Tourists passing by wanted to take photos with the couple. Iwona and Andrzej have a great sense of humour. They kept laughing, which ordinarily is not so easy during photoshoots and I hope to be taking equally beautiful photos at their wedding soon!

Make up: Kamila Bukowska/Kabuko maluje

Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_04

Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_02


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_01


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_03


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_05


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_07


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_13


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_08


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_09


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_10


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_11


Pelna Para Studio_zareczyny_01_12

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